Wish I Could Write Somethin Happy

the only time i seem 2 b on here is when something has gone drastically wrong!everything just seems to b goin from bad 2 worse!i'm just not sure how much more  can take!i have a selfish alocoholic mother who has the cheek 2 call me a nasty effin ***** and 2 rot in hell all because i wanted her to stop swearin on my childrens life that she has stopped drinkin when i no that its a lie!my son is havin a real horrid time of it at the moment!a few months he was shot with an air rifle in his own back garden.the police basically slapped their wrists n told em not 2 do it again tellin me that if it helped,the gun had been confiscated and they were really remorseful but they were aiming 4 a bird!!(what hovering around his knees)4 godsake when is a gun crime gonna b a gun crime,when my son is paralysed or godforbid dead!so this happened in feb but the police basically made us feel like the guilty ones by sayin if anythin happened 2 these lads we would b in trouble!my son had done nothin 2 them!then the same lads were in a group the othernite and my son was on the way 2 work they started shoutin abuse at him saying he was gonna b stabbed n they were goin 2 ave his bike!!!again police were called but because my son was more angry at the fact that he could take these lads down with his eyes closed,the police counted it as just an empty threat!!this disgusts me 2 the bone!!i just want a quiet life but cos other people don't thats my lookou!my girlie also has a bit of a problem at school!obviously teens bein teens but i feel so helpless!!my fibromyalgia is gettin worse the pain is unbearable and i feel i can't protect my kids the way i used two!!this morning i was really upset that i had to wake up!but i no i have to put a smile before kids come downstairs just to show them i have their backs!!just a little worried that i don't no how far this depression is gonna go!i'm so sorry i'm depressin everyone on here!i'm hoping one day i can come on here and have something happy 2 say!!xx 

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2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

thank u 2 both of u!its hard 2 no what 2 say 2 someone who feels like i do but sometimes just 2 gt it out of me system helps xxx

huggs you need some one just to have your back <br />
ur in my prayers.