I am a 20 year old, going to college (Just finished my 1st year [but did it over 2 years] and now taking one 2nd year class during the spring semester.) I live with my best friend and I am looking for a job. Doesn't seem to bad does it? but i have a reading disability (That causes problems at school and my roommate won't recognize that i need more time to do homework than she does because of it and is constently trying to get me away from my homework.) On top of that there family issues where i feel like any time i try to talk to my friends about it they just bring up their problems and don't help me at all. and then theres the fact that I have been trying to find a job for the past 4 months and i have had one interview and did not get the job and my roommate has been looking for 2 weeks one really hard and she has had 2 interviews. also i am trying to lose wait but it is so hard and no one seems to be able to help me.... so i don't know it all seems so petty but i just need some help and someone who isn't around all this that i can talk to.
justagirlinthisworld justagirlinthisworld
May 5, 2012