Let me start off by explaining a bit of my issues, that are causing me to lose my mind. I am 41yrs old with really bad teeth and hair loss issues, live in my mother's back area of her land off to myself for the most part. The place should be condemned since the only ventilation is, the poorly built/put together two sheets of paneling with a stud here and there in the otherwise vacant walls. No kitchen, the bathroom Is littered with spiders, amongst other bugs and pests. The only choice I have for ventilation is a window a/c that no longer works, and a door that if I open lets in wasps and all other bugs. I have health issues that hinder me from working, and no transportation to get around. Health issues that have been documented: Manic depressive, Compulsive stress disorder and chronic anxiety. Undocumented health issues: Vision problems, numbness in my limbs, dizziness, possible COPD, trouble standing or walking more then 10 minutes at a time. The Texas heat can reach up to 110 outside with a breeze, inside my small square box it gets up to 20 degrees hotter with no breeze. I am a simple person since I don't go out, all I require is a small pop-up or pull behind camper with working appliances and a/c - heating, with solar panels for power. A place I can grow a small garden for food, running water, Internet for my outside contact. I don't need cable/phone/or the like, just internet. I have tried just about everything just to get the bare necessities, churches, government programs, online surveys, reading e-mails, ect. Tried for SSI 3 times and was denied, can't get food stamps because I can't make it into their workshop program. Oh and where I live is surrounded by drunks, and those that don't care. Most mother's would go check on their child, if they lived out back and did not call or go to see them after a few days. Sometimes its weeks before I see or hear from anyone, so if your next question is why not get help from family and friends. Well that is simple, I have no friends and that should sum up my family for help. Now that I have vented and this post will either be removed or go unanswered, you should understand why I chose the heading and my screen name. Hope others in my situation or worse, get the assistance and help they need.
about2giveup about2giveup
Aug 26, 2014