Always Learning..

A girls ultimate duties are absolute obedience and absolute beauty.

This one has obedience down but has never felt beautiful ... overweight as long as she can remember withlarger bosoms that are beginning to lose their shape. Hair that shone brilliant gold in youth now a mousy brown color

Then she found the for world on the internet. She could dance she could have the beauty she always dreamed of. She was wanted by all. She was free.

When at last it was time ffor girls master to leave due to health issues . This one decided it was time to leave the internet and persistent her true self on the real world.

It hasn't been an easy journey. The struggle with not feeling pretty holds girl back in some of her duties. It doesn't he'll that ones master is very vocal about his preference for thinner women. Also this one seems to have inherited a bit of fire and spite from her mother...

Masters anger can be fearful but he is a kind and gentle master to this girl. This girl is proud to wear his collar and gladly learns how to best please him.

I am kajira.
tsumomo tsumomo
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 15, 2012

If someone has a problem with something (a person who is complaining about your weight) he should not complain about it, he should just do something about it. Fix a problem or don't complain about it.