The Gift Part 1

kajira is lead to the baths, her body cleansed and scrubbed thoroughly as she stands naked in the porcelain tub. warm water drenched over her head. Kajira feels the pull of the heavy comb threw her wet hair, stroke after stroke her head pulls back a little. The cold air sending shivers down her spine as her nipples stand erect. The women help kajira step out of the tub.   They rub a mixture of jasmine and rose scented oils on her moist flesh, ten hands, working the oil into her skin, Standing in front of a large ornately decorated gold pedestal mirror, kajira watches as the women adorn her with silks and jewels. The unfamiliar feel of such softness sending waves of pleasure threw her body. The women retreat in silence, leaving kajira standing there alone in front of the mirror.

Kajira stares at her self, her cheeks flush from the heat of the tub and the heat of her passion, her long black locks flowing down her back, an errant strand loosely falls over her face. She tilts her head to the right, she does not recognize the girl in the mirror. Her body covered by a red silk, attached over her right shoulder with a silver clasp, decorated with amethyst stones. kajira lifts her left shoulder up as she tilts her head towards the left, her chin, slightly grazing the exposed skin, she moans softly.

Kajira feels her slave heat rising , her hands reach back to stroke the curves of her body, she continues to watch herself in the mirror. She turns her body to the right, her left hand stroking her hips, reaching down her thighs. Her flesh so soft, so tender. Her body new to her position, yet her soul, her heart, her mind has always been here, in front of the mirror waiting to be chosen.

She is lead to a large room, where she is told to kneel and wait. In the center of the darkened room is a red carpet, kajira immediately kneels , legs apart, resting back on her heels, palms in her lap. The room is cold, a large stone fireplace is empty , she shivers, feeling her right nipple erect, rubbing against the soft silk. After what seems like hours, she hears footsteps enter the room.

His heavy footsteps sound loudly in the empty room, He stands in front of her , His voice soft but hard at the same time ... . Kajira, display..He orders...immediately she stands to take her position, Her heart beating so fast she fears he may hear it. He walks slowly around this kajira, inspecting her closely. He had heard many things about her and was hoping she lived up to every one of them. Satisfied with what He has seen once again, He commands this kajira... Sula-Ki!

His weight baring down on her body, as His hard member drives relentlessly into her . The rough carpet beneath her burning as the force of His strokes rubs her flesh against the carpet. She hears voices in the background , Masters, Mistresses..watching as He uses the Gift. She arches her back, pushing her hips higher, meeting His strokes, her gaze fixed on the ceiling.

He finishes quickly, removing His spent member as He grunts His satisfaction. He turns and walks away dissapering into the dark. She lay there, her breath rapid, her heat flaring, filling the room with her scent. She can hear the murmurs of the crowd in the dark. Their whispers hungry and curious, surrounding, edging closer. She feels her body shaking, the cold room and her fear combining in her soul , driving her passion, her need. She screams but no sound escapes her mouth. She struggles but her body lay motionless. She cries but her eyes are dry.

Two Masters enter the circle of light, one grabs kajiras arms pulling her up to her feet. Tightly holding her by the hair, The taller , younger Master looks at this Gift. Confident he can break her. One hand behind her head, He pushes her down, His hand gently stroking the curves of this fine Gift. Slap! The sting of His hand striking her flesh forcing kajiras mouth open, her scream long and loud as she begs for release, her passion and lust forcing her legs to tremble, her slave heat to flow freely down her legs....

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i do not have part 2 for this one yet...