The Beat Part 1

Her palms rest on the cold floor, her forehead barely touching the ground as she crawls slowly towards Him. The bells attached to her belt, slide across the floor , announcing her approach. As she reaches His feet, she kisses them softly, lips brushing gently against His flesh. Slowly she starts to rise, her back curled, her arms forward, her head down. Arms dancing to the beat of drums , fingers extended towards her Master. Sheer silks adorn her body, her soft flesh exposed underneath the thin material. Her back straight now as she rests on her heels, her arms reaching high above her head. her eyes are closed, she is lost inside her mind.

He watches her approach. Slowly and gracefully she crawls to His feet. He watches as she kisses His feet, feeling the warmth of her touch flooding through Him, feeding the fire of His lust. He reaches for a handful of grapes on the table beside His chair and motions to the drummers to start increasing the tempo of the drums beat. He watches His slave closely, her body reacting instinctualy to the beat. Her arms reaching out to Him, her fingers begging Him. He leans forward, as His slave arches her back, watching the curves of her body flow with the beat of the drums.

she remains kneeling, her body swaying to the beat. she feels His eyes watching her, she wants Him wants Him to want her....she pulls at the soft purple silk around her shoulder... it falls easily away from her breast....her left hand, cupping the now exposed breast, she gasps a little as her hand gently grazes the nipple. She straightens her back...she pulls on another silk and it falls swiftly to the floor, exposing her left breast. Her ample breasts held in her hands, her nipples framed by her fingers...

He smiles watching His slave tell her story without words. Desire, passion and need oozing out of this girls every movement. Long dark hair flowing down her back, she looks up at Him, pleading with her eyes for permission to continue. Anxious to watch His girl pleasing herself, He settles back comfortably into His chair and motions with His hand and a tilt of His head for her to continue.

A sigh escapes the girls mouth as she receives permission to continue. Fingers pulling at both her nipples as her upper body continues to move to the beat of the drum. Rolling the dark flesh between her fingers she feels the flaring of her heat racing through her body. Head thrown back as she pushes her hips forward. One hand reaches to her slave belt, pulling at the red silks one by one she removes them all, placing them in front of her, at Masters feet.

He bends down picking up one of her discarded silks. Bringing the silk to His face, smiles as her scent fills His senses. He watches as her hands caresses the flesh that so desperately wants to be touched, used...satisfied. He could have her, take her right now but He wants to watch more, watch her explore her own her beg for more...He motions to the drummers to increase the beat

Left hand reaching between her legs, gently caressing her moist lips, hips gyrating slowly. With each stroke of her hand,her heat rises, slowly matching the beat of the drum. Moaning as her fingers delve deeper between the wet lips. She whispers words of passion, but only moans escape her lips.

Eyes closed, back arched, His slave masturbates at His feet. She begs Him to let her ***. No.. He repeats every time she asks. Frustrated, she moves closer to Him , her hips lifted off the floor, her hair dragging on the floor behind her as she tries to move closer with each beat of the drum. He wastches as her fingers delve deeper inside He can feel her slave heat building and again she begs Master to let her ***.

He grins as He watches his slave beg for release, her body writhing with lust and need. Her moans getting more aggressive, her body almost demanding to be satisfied. His desire to dive into this slave girls lustful heat increasing with the beat, as He sits motionless in His big chair.

She suddenly stops and lays spent on the floor, her chest heaving up and down with heavy breath her moans whispering softly...please...over and over again.. she feels her body demanding release. His voice and the beat of the drum is all she can hear..Dont stop He says simply.. she throws her hips in the air, pushing her fingers deep inside her ...a loud moan fills the air as she feels her ****** begin to take control of her body..her mind...

Suddenly, He raises one hand in the air stops the drummers instantly.... His slave lay at His feet trembling with ******, He can smell her heat filling the room, her naked body covered with dew. He watches as the other slaves take her away...


Her naked body still quivering with ******. She feels the slaves cold hands on her hot flesh as they drag her away from the room. pulling her down a long dark hallway, the slaves are silent. She screams as she tries to pull away, her cheek stung with pain as the oldest slave slaps her across the face to silence her.  
She is brought to a room , blindfolded and gaged. She is laid on her back, on a high wooden table and her wrists and ankles securely tied down. She is left alone in the silence for what seems like hours. She drifts in and out of sleep and then, she hears the door open, someone walking towards her.
  Suddenly her body tenses and her back arches as she feels cold water being poured over her body. She shivers as the icy water continues to fall over her face, her hair, her body, she pulls on her ropes trying to free herself.

Does that quench your thirst girl?
a deep voice asked, she tries to talk, her mumbled response is filled with pleas of release.A laugh.. A weight on the bed next to her.... Hands caressing her breasts....Pulling, tugging roughly at her nipples.

Her wrists raw as the ropes dig into her flesh. She gasps as she feels something cold on her nipples, the sensation this time arousing her . Unable to see, unable to speak..she moans, her mind focused on the sensation of the ice rubbing on her nipples, water dripping down the curve of her breast, pooling where her body meets the hard wood table.

She feels Him get up from the bed, her body turns towards Him instinctualy, she wants to feel more. He returns to sit next to her, she can feel His hand caressing her cheek lovingly. His strong hand stroking her neck, she arches her back.
  His fingers tightening around her neck , pushing her down into the bed, she struggles a little and then she feels a hot burning sensation across her breast, her body heaves with pain, she screams and despite the gag, the sound fills the room.

His grasp on her tightens as He holds her down, she feels cold running across her flesh and warm water flowing down her cleavage. His grip relaxes, her breathing slows, she feels His lips kissing her flesh....He whispers softly....

Her mind still foggy, she starts to wake up, she can feel a soft mattress beneath her, instead of the cold hard table. On top of her body is a thick warm blanket. She opens her eyes, she is no longer blindfolded or gaged but the room is dark.

  She sits up and as she does she feels the tug of a chain on the collar around her neck. Thick leather collar, secured tightly around her neck, she puts her hand on it, feeling it's rough edges with her fingers. A long silver chain is attached to a loop at the front of the collar. A door opens and an elderly slave carrying a lamp, comes in.   Ahh you are awake, good, time to eat and then the groomer will be here.

She places a tray of fresh fruit and cheese on a table next to the bed. Let me look at your markings girl, the old slave asks as she pushes the blankets away from the girls body. The old slave smiles as her wrinkled finger traces the line over the girls breasts. It is healing very quickly, Master will be glad to hear that. Now eat you are going to need your strength today, the groomer will be here soon. Without saying a word the girl starts to eat, she is famished.

Two more slaves enter the room now, helping the older slave prepare the bath. Everything must be in place before the groomer arrives. The tray next to the table has all the groomers tools lined up ready to use.
  The tub is filled with hot scented water. Vials of oils arranged in a basket next to the tub. Towels warming by the fireplace. Before the old slave leaves she instructs the other slaves to kneel in the corner until the groomer arrives. She smiles at the girl before turning to leave the room.

The girl is eating the last of the grapes as the big wooden door opens slowly, in walks a tall dark woman. She is wearing a cloak with a hood. As she enters the other slaves come to her side. The slaves help her to disrobe. The girl watches as this beautiful tall strong woman stands naked in the middle of the room
  Are you ready girl? she asks.... for what Mistress? the girl responds.   Smiling, the woman walks towards the bed and sits down next to her.she reaches for the chain , unlocks it with a key, stands up and pulls on it...   Follow me, she says....

The woman leads the girl to the hot bath, Get in ... as the girl puts her foot in the water, the heat sends shivers up her body. Two slaves stand on either side of the tub, holding the girls hands as she gets in.
  The woman, still holding onto the chain watches as the girl slowly immerses herself in the hot sweet scented water. The two slaves kneel next to the tub and begin to rub the girls body with sea sponges. The two slaves begin to sing softly.   She closes her eyes as she feels herself relaxing

When the slaves are finished rubbing the girls body, they stand and retreat to a corner of the room, where they kneel and wait. The woman pulls on the chain, Stand up, she says. Slowly the girl stands, steam rising from her moist flesh, she stands and faces the Mistress.
  You must be properly groomed for the ceremony tonight. The Mistress continues to talk as she lathers on a grainy sweet smelling salve onto her skin.   The body must be free of all impurites before the mind may be clear. .

The Mistresses hands work the salve into the girls skin rubbing in circular motions around her breasts, the girl begins to moan softly. Smiling , the Mistress continues to exfoliate the girls skin. When she is done, the two other slaves return with buckets of warm water and begin to rinse the salve off the girls body.
  When they are done, the slaves apply citrus scented oils to the girls skin they lead her back to the table she was tied to last night. The girl tenses a little as she wonders if she will be gaged, blindfolded and tied down again.

This time she is told to lay back and bring up her knees. The two slaves on either sides of the bed, pull her knees apart, spreading her thighs wide. The groomer looks at the girls mound...Hmm not much work to do here, noticing the girl has barely any pubic hair...
  well lets begin then...

Gently Mistress starts to rub the girls ****... I need you very aroused, but you must not ***, if you ***, I will give you one lash for every second you are in ****** you understand? moaning softly, the girl mumbles, yes Mistress....

Mistresses fingers slide up and down the soft lips, Mistress watches as the girls lips swell and moisten. The two slaves holding the girls knees open, gently caress her skin as they to watch. The girls moans increase as Mistresses finger dissapears inside the girls tight *****.

As Mistress continues to finger the girls *****, she grabs the tweezers with her other hand and starts to remove the pubic hair. The girl is to focused on the intense pleasure of Mistresses fingers delving deeper inside her and she does not even notice as Mistress begins to pluck her pubic hair.The endorphines released into her blood stream do not allow her to feel the pain of the small hairs being pulled out by the roots.

Every inch of her body feeling pleasure, wanting release but the girl remembers the Mistresses order.... do not ***....

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i love it!! i can't wait for part 2! good luck with editing and I hope you finish soon ^^

thank You very much for the compliments...<br />
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and to answer your inquiries...they come from deep inside me do you come up with this? Where does this come from? I love it!!!!

part 2 comming soon...<br />
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it is..hard to edit...