He Just Left :/ What Do I Do?

So, my fiance just left for Fort Benning Georgia and I'm really not holding it together well. I feel like I'm being needy and imposing myself on people but I'm so depressed right now. He was trying to keep in touch on the way there but then it finally got to the part where he couldn't have his phone anymore and I just don't know what to do. We're going to write and stuff but I can't stop being so bummed out even though he's doing something great..amrl
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3 Responses May 23, 2012

I know this was written awhile ago, but my boyfriend left for the same exact place a week ago, and I'm feeling the same exact way.

I'm doing the same thing! It's really hard. Because in the letters I just want to break down and tell him everything that's wrong and fall apart so that he can pick me back up. But I know the last thing he needs is to be worrying about me not being able to handle being on my own. which I know I can, it's just going to take time. It gets so hard sometimes though.

I know how you feel! My boyfriend left on Sunday for basic in south Carolina. That Tuesday was our 2 years. I've been beside myself upset most of the time, but I've been trying to stay strong in front of everyone, which is what he asked me to do before he left, but it's hard being so alone sometimes. People constantly tell me it gets easier once letters start, but that's still a few weeks away for me too. But I completely understand how you're feeling about imposing and annoying people with everything going through your head. If you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to message me!

Thank you so much! :] And that's what I've heard with the letters too but it's the same for me. Those won't start for a bit. I'm writing him a letter every day and that helps me a little bit.