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Hi so my story, me and my boyfriend have been together for about nine months. In April this year he is going off to Afghanistan his and my first deployment and time apart. He says his biggest worry when he goes is his family and friends getting upset and worrying about him when he's away, what does he expect us to do we all love him and want him to come back safe. I'm really scared I'm worried about how much he will change is 7 and a half months. Also what should I send him when he's out there what should I write in my letters to him. This is all a bit new to me and dunno what to expect.
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I reccomend you joing this forum: http://www.rearparty.co.uk/
Its a chat site for people in exactly your situation, and you will find loads of advice and assistance there.

As for stuff to post him; all packages are screened before leaving the UK, so no alcohol, no pressurised cans and so forth; again all info can be found on rear party, run by military types for military types.

PM me if you need anything else.

Thanks guys it is nice to know there r other people out there. By the sound of it we have the dates he leaves his r and r dates but know known time to come back he says its all to do with contact with Taliban. My mates have been saying they will be with me and stuff but they don't really u understand what it's like being an army gf. I wouldn't send him anything negative in letter (yea we have to do letters as wifi **** is the qb he is going to so no Skype or FaceTime) I just worry bout him like anyone would bout someone they love. Just hope it goes quick! X

In your letters, you should try to refrain from writing anything negative. You can write about what's going on with everyday life & you can ask what's new with him. Every letter express your support and love. I promise the dates fly past. The sleepless nights alone seem to get easier but they still are hard. The adjustment after he leaves is the hardest. Its normal to worry about your soldier. A good thing to do to help pass time is get involved in anything to take up time. (pick up hours at work, volunteer for good causes, go out with friends, ect.) My soldier and I have been together two years. And we are still going strong. Don't stress to much though it'll drive you nuts. Trust me, I've been there, im the type to worry too much. Military girlfriends are the strongest women! You can do it!