Starting Working Again

A couple of weeks ago, I decided after not working for about 8 months that I needed to go out and find a job...I have been fortunate that I haven't had to work, and still don't. I've just gotten to the point, where I can't just be at home waiting for him to call or log on to messenger so I can spend time with him.

A girlfriend of mine works as an office manager for a company that contracts workers to clean office buildings, banks, etc. She called me about a week ago telling me that the receptionist they had quit and they were desperately needing to find a replacement for her like ASAP. I had previously worked for a commercial collections agency as the assistant to a senior officer of the company, so I had the qualifications. Before even sending them my resume, I of course called my soldier to see how he would feel about me going back to work while I awaited his return home from this present deployment.

My soldier has gotten somewhat spoiled, in that up to now I've been available to him no matter what time of day he's called or gotten online.  He's told me that being able to get a hold of me every day whether it be by phone or on messenger, has helped to ease the stress he feels about being away from me. He and I discussed the pros and cons, and he told me that I should go for it. So I interviewed for the position last Thursday and was called that next day and offered the position.

It made me feel good to know that when I called and told him that I had gotten the job, how proud he was of me.

Today, is the end of my first week at my job. It's been different to say the least in alot of different aspects. The first being, getting up earlier than 11:00 am(I work 9-5pm mon-fri now), then trying to get to bed before 2am. I miss not being able to talk or chat with him the way we had been able to in the past...but I will get to talk to him at least once a day and get to talk to him most weekends.

I was lucky that when I came in for my interview, my girlfriend had already kinda explained my situation to her boss, about his deployment and the fact that I wasn't certain upon his return, that we still be here in this state, since when he re-enlisted he requested a transfer from where he's stationed presently. (he's hoping to be able to transfer to the state that I'm presently living and grew up in, his family is also here) Thankfully, my new boss was okay with this, and even more so appreciative that I had been so forthcoming with him during the interview about not being able to guarantee how long I'd be able to work with the company.

allynally allynally
31-35, F
Mar 27, 2009