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I've been dating my boyfriend for about a year now and he left for his first deployment to Afghanistan at the beginning of January. I'm definitely staying strong and trying to make the best of the situation, but as most of you know there are worse days then others. Just wanted some advice for those days and maybe some understanding friends to talk to to help get through this first tour. It is hard for me to talk to my close friends about it, because quite frankly they just don't understand :( Would love to chat though!!!

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My bf is just in basics. But were both still young. Its still the first week and im crying every night every morning. I dont know what im crying about but i randomly start crying. I havent heard from him at all, (either has his mom) but its hard knowing hes gone, and wont be home for 6 months. I try to say busy but i run out of things to do so i find myself cleaning the house a million times a day. I try to stay off facebook as much as possible (which is hard right now) but i also have 4 guy friends that just recently left too. Its so hard. Just dont know what to do anymore. I feel like im losing it. and ik this is a short time for him to be gone. He will be leaving for Iraq 2 weeks after basics! They told him for prob about a year. This is going to kick my butt! But im hoping once school starts for me it will get easier?

Thanks for the responses!! My boyfriend will only be gone 6-8 months so you are very strong lasting a whole year! You've reached the halfway point and soon you will be in the home stretch :) I agree, I feel like life has gotten stressful without him home. I just like the reassurance that everything will be okay, that he really can't give me being thousands of miles away. Also, it is really good to hear his voice and just this exciting me SO much, I can only imagine how I'm going to feel being able to have him in my arms!!!! Keeping his family close is always a good idea...I haven't seen as much as them as I want to since he's been gone, so thanks for that advice :) Thanks<br />
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I've been trying so hard to keep busy, but it's so easy to fall into the the sad lonely state!! Things have gotten a LITTLE easier now that i know what feelings to expect.When will your man deploy for the first time?

Hello :) This is my first deploymnet as well. Ive been with my boyfriend for 3 years now, je jsut deployed to Iraq this past August he wont be home until August of this year. I have 5 months remaining. Girl imma tell yuo for me its not easy. ever since he left things have been vry stressful at home but you gotta jsut make the best of it. The one thing that helps me get through is getting his call and haring his voic on the phone,or simply getting a messag from him on the computer,its very reassuring. and yes its vry hard not having anyon to talk to ive trid talking to my friends and family about it but they dont understand at all thry think of it as a vacation that he's away to and he'll be back sooner than i know it which is not my way of thinking at all. iworry about him al lthe time and its scary not knowing whats going on over there. things that help me get through bsides talking to him of course is cooking, reading, cleaning, working out or pretty muc hnything to keep your mind off of them temporarily. staying at home doesnt rally help. for me it makes things worse because of al lthe memories and knowing his house is right down the street and hes not there. On the brightside i spend alot more time with his mom now which is vry nice and comforting. If you need anyone to talk to or just want to chat im her :)