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I haven't met anyone on here yet, but I think this site is great! Well, my soldier just deployed to Iraq on Feb 16th and I miss him so much. There's not a day that goes by without me thinking of him.

If I dont keep busy while he's away, I feel like I'm going insane - wondering what he is doing, if he is's hard. I do go to school full-time AND work full-time, but there always seems to be that time in between...ugh!

I can't  believe he is gone for a year

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hey guys (well, girls lol) .. i hope yall are ok..<br />
me, im getting used to my soldier being gone. not really used to it, but dealing with it better than before. i like the disposable cam idea. i think i will send one in his next care package. im gonna also try to keep a little journal. i think that would really help on the days that i dont get to talk to him. luckily, i havent gone more than a few days without talking to him...but u never know. <br />
<br />
and i definitely understand needing girls in our same situations around. my "regular" friends dont understand and some are so negative about this type of relationship. <br />
if u girls ever wanna talk, u can always message me !

I’m kinda in the same boat, my soldier is in Korea. Its hard to keep yourself busy all the time, but that is the best word of advise I can give. Stay surrounded by friends and family; keep your self occupied. The worst time for me is when I lay down for bed. There is no getting away from that loneliness.. I keep a note pad and pen next to my bed and whenever I’m laying down and I cant sleep or I just have him on my mind, I write. About anything and everything that’s been going on. It sometimes makes me feel like I’m talking to him right before I fall asleep. <br />
<br />
As far as support for them the most you can do is send your love. I always love to send a disposable camera and have him take pictures of random things that he does during the day and have him send it back undeveloped. So when you go to get the pictures developed it’s like a pleasant surprise! It’s like your spending a day is his world. Depending on how many times you do this it could make a great scrapbook of their deployment! And also you can do the same, but of course you would have to send the pictures developed. My soldier always loves to see what’s going on around town. <br />
<br />
<br />
Stay strong!

I'm right there with you. Although my boyfriend has not deployed yet, it's right around the corner. He goes to Afghan in May. He will also be gone for a year :( I need to find all the girls going through the same thing as us for some emotional support. <br />
Sometimes i feel selfish always saying how i'm so sad, that i'm not able to deal with this, or i ask how am I gonna get through this..... Let's start thinking about our men. They are over there in this foreign place, most of them probably scared, and last thing they want to think about is how their girl is missing them. What do we do??? I'm very proud of my soldier. I love him beyond words. Any ideas what we can do to support our men over there? I know care packages, emails, home videos, and stuff like that. Any other ideas?