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The Start Of Something New

Okay, so there’s been a few suicidal threats with Floydian leaving, some venomous murderous suggestions *gulps*, some very heart-broken ladies and those dudes who are lost without our beloved friend. Please, put down all your knifes and sharp, dangerous weapons – he’s alive, I promise. If he were to be dead, I’d know because I’d be the one to kill him.

Floydian is on his way to a far off land to continue with his dream of becoming an engineer! =D Things have been hectic, obviously, with leaving family and friends, ect. He’s flying out early tomorrow morning to begin new challenges in his life. He won’t have internet access of quite sometime therefore we shan’t hear for him too soon.

He has to settle in 1st and I’m sure everyone knows that it is way easier said than done. I’m sure he’d appreciate all your support and thoughts of him during this time. I pray that all goes well for him – he’s been through so much that I’m sure even this if difficult for him. If possible, could you all keep him in your thoughts and prayers, maybe as a personal favour from my side? He’s been, and still is, a wonderful friend of all of us and as soon as he can, he’ll be back here with us in no time (hopefully).

Thanks, everyone! =)

Floydess Floydess 18-21, F 5 Responses Mar 18, 2010

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he'll be in my prayers.

Lol, this thing is so old... I have no idea where people are suddenly falling out from for it. He's been back for suuuuch a long time. ^^ But on my behalf, thanks and I'm sure he'd appreciate it. =) You're so sweet, LittleLena. ♥

I got to pay attention to the date :-)

Hehe, don't worry - I only started looking at dates much later in my EP time when people seemed to keep on telling me something didn't apply anymore. =)

=]<br />
<br />
You're not the only one. =/ I shall indeed when he gets the chance to contact. =) He misses you guys very much.

he owes me a very long email.....send him my best wishes

Thank you, fungirl and Sweettart. He'll be very grateful for you both. =] *hugs*

I wish him luck in accomplishing his dreams. I am glad no one seriously hurt themselves. I will miss him here though. thanks for the updates.