Keyboard Moron

I have no idea what half the keys on my keyboard are for.  I can’t type as it is, let alone figure out what all the function keys are for.  There are 12 function keys and I don’t how to use even one.  I just noticed all the little pictures and symbols.  Besides needing a magnifying glass to see them, I have no idea what most of them mean.  It’s not just the F keys, either.  There are teeny tiny things all over the place.  On one key alone there are four, count them, four things:   >, ., DEL, and .  Even if I can figure out what they mean, I have no idea how to make them work.  

Does anybody else just ignore this stuff or am I just a moron in the keyboard department?


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You can have it. :P Hey, isn't that more like a booby prize?<br />
hehe... I just wanted to say booby.

Dearest Myonis, I feel you.<br />
<br />
I have hit the power key so many times and lost a lot of data. So maybe you don't know so many keys but I have used the wrong key so many times I guess I'll get the first prize.

Thanks frito and ques. hehe...maybe I have a ghost writer. I'll never tell. Bwahaha!<br />
Yes, the weekend is upon us! Party on, Garth!

Hey, Myonis stress can make us all feel like we're losing our minds. You don't need sound pretty sharp to me on EP.

My mind disappeared when I had my hysterectomy. I think they removed part of my brain at the same time. Nyxie's a great friend and guide, for sure. Unfortunately, I've been sleeping okay. I am out of excuses...

ques, thanks... I don't know if I do a stand up job; most days I'm lucky to be upright. (Yes, she's my grandchild, the cutest one in the world, of course.)<br />
<br />
And sadly, I have slowed down terribly. I want my mind mojo back.

Girl, I think you just need more sleep.

No your in good company hear ......My<br />
<br />
god knows what i will do if the spell check ever fails ..

Myonis you are not alone. I'm electronically challenged and don't know 90% of my keyboard stuff.<br />
I never would have guessed that you have some of these issues.It doesn't seem to have slowed you down at all.

Trouble and ques, thank you... I really struggle some days just getting a thought out. Typing doubles my trouble. Easier would be so much, um, easier! Here's a confession: I almost asked who TS Feline was, thinking they were some great keyboard philosopher guru or something :0 But I guess that's exactly what TS Feline is. Gawd, how embarrassing that would have been...<br />
crosseyed, I remember those old typewriters. The clickety clacks in typing class made me bonkers. My teacher even talked in a staccato rhythm.

Like a lot of products today, the keyboard is over designed. The only essential keys are the same ones that use to be standard on the old Underwood typewriter.

DOH! I am truly a moron. Thanks, Lilt. I need some support. I feel so inadequate right now.<br />
Thanks, Trouble. I used to have the Mavis Beacon CD and I threw it away. Guess I should have used it, huh?

If it was self-explanatory, why are you explaining it, show off?

Who's Evelyn Wood?<br />
Martin, you're just a show off. Heck, you even wear a keyboard. We get it already. :P

QWERTY? See what I mean? I have no idea what you're talking about. Speed? Puh... I type with one hand and a finger as it is. I have ADD and I'm no spring chicken. I doubt I could follow the first instruction on Mavis Beacon. *sigh* I could be quite a challenge for you, Trouble, but it's kind and very brave of you to offer.

I use probably half of the keys... I have no idea what the F 1 thru 12 do... lol

Mavis Beacon, eh? <br />
Is she related to Evelyn Wood?

I don't like clutter. It makes me crazy. Now I see this every time I glance down. Argh!!