Your Mistake. Haha.

I love being kind to people, i love helping, i love being sweet and demure, i GENERALLY hate confrontation, fights, etc.  I don't mind taking the high road when people are being rude, arrogant or ignorant. I am quiet and observant. I try to speak softly, and i try to always make myself available to those who request my help.

This can often invite the wrong kind of people into one's life. People who like to take advantage, those who take and take and never give.

That's fine by me, i offer my help anyway, because i LIKE to be a good person.

However, i don't tolerate abusive people.  I don't tolerate rudeness.

It is foolish for people to mistake my philanthropic and forgiving tendencies as weak.

1. Just because i forgive does not mean i forget. I only let Go as far as your rebuilt trust allows me.

2. I'm Human. I'm no saint. Thus i'm prone vindictiveness. Its a matter of strength to choose not to get down to someones negative level.
When i Do, my weakness is their down fall. 

I believe that is the case with all who take advantage of "The quiet ones" its those people who know you better because you trusted them and let your guard down. In fact it is probably those kind of people that should be feared the most.

Though i  don't  think is what Jesus meant when he said it. I'm just saying there is a reason " the Meek shall inherit the earth".
MissVenom MissVenom
22-25, F
Jun 6, 2011