Not For Quite Awhile Now

have I let myself be taken advantage of by friends. I used to be the one that would remember you when no one else wouldn't. Be there through the laughter &tears. Watch your kids for you on short notice. Buy things for you because I'm generous to a fault with those I love because that's who I am &it makes me happy to give not because I expect something in return. However I got tired of getting backstabbed, assumed the worst about,etc. I still believe in all of those things I love to do and I will do them for the right people-those that are truly appreciative and would do the same for me. I'm being a hell of a lot more selective with who I would do these things for. I may not have any friends right now but that's because I choose to not have a bunch of fake ones. Anyone could have those. I'd rather stand my ground &find people of quality that deserve what I have to give. I can wait &be patient. I'm not needy of anyone so badly I'll take bad treatment. I've always been a strong woman. Kindness doesn't make me weak. I just know now who &where to direct it. I won't be taken advantage of again.
cutebabybear cutebabybear
36-40, F
Sep 27, 2011