I Don't Believe It Will Happen.

"I am tired of everything" I was so bored and tired of everything that i typed that into google.and i got this website. I just don't know what to do anymore; I sit around all day almost trapped within my own mind, and I feel like i can't do anything. Like no matter how I try ill never be able to do what I want in life,no matter how hard i try. School is soul crushing and steals every bit of enthusiasm i have. I am tired of people,but I feel so alone. I have about 5 friends now because I've cut everyone else off from me. I'm so bored that it hurts, and makes me feel sick.
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3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Hey there - Sorry to hear you feel trapped. I have a few suggestions. <br />
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Try being thankful for what you have. Health. Peace. Opportunity. Time. 5 Friends (5 is great btw if they are real life long friends). These are things money can't buy, but the world thirsts for.<br />
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Look up "emotional intelligence" and start seeing how you - can control your own emotional state instead of circumstances. Work on your fitness: Physical fitness. Spiritual Fitness. Mental fitness. You will be glad you started this early in life - trust me . You can start this slow, no prob.<br />
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Do you know how hard some people work, just to be bored? <br />
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Btw, sometimes school is just doing your time. It's okay not to like some subjects. Learn to figure this out as "things I don't want to do" in life and keep an eye out for the things you do like.

And welcome to EP btw. Hope it helps stave off some boredom a little.

Hey snap, I totally know where you're coming from.<br />
What is it that you want to do in life? Or wanted to?<br />
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