I Was Scared ...

I was scared that I'd become a raging alcoholic .... much to my surprise ... I HAVE!! ... so I am not so scared anymore ... now I am scared about my financial situation .... now that is something I need to worry about ... It's not very smart to go out drinking every night ... but even when I manage to stay home and sulk in the corner of my room away from the refrigerator that holds the ever so taunting bottle full of such greatness ... I find myself at the end of the night with a bottle in my hand. No matter where I hide ... the damn bottle always finds me. Now that is scary!
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2 Responses Feb 2, 2007

Haha! yea I've tried going cold turkey a couple times .. maybe for a week at a time ... perhaps it was for a month ... I can't remember ... but I craved alcohol ... like it felt wrong or as if something were missing. I actually got the shakes a little as well! It was kinda scary but I found myself laughing about it. Of course .. now I am hitting the bottle again. I just can't seem to hide.

Yeah I know how it is to be on the verge of being an alcoholic. I was there, so close so many times. I just stoped buyin the **** to have at home, and would just drink everyother weekend when I went out, then it became every weekend and then some that I was goin out. And I never had the money for it, but I still would do it.<br />
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Now I can't drink at all do to some meds I'm on, it could kill me. So goin cold turkey is hard, but I'm finding it to be better than I thought I would. <br />
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Still have no money though, but now when I go out I just drink pop...but hell that can get expensive too.<br />
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You ever need someone to talk to hit me up. I will listen.