My Life Can Be Twisted In Many Ways. God Please Forgive Me

I am sitting in my kitchen drinking a Michelob Ultra and stirring red gravey every 20 minutes.  i have always wanted to start a blog but i am not a good writer so i am scared of the percussions i might recieve from other people and there opinion on my grammar and writing experties.  So please whoever reads my blog, i know im bad at writing but please be nice.  i just feel as though i need to talk about what happens in my life.  to some i think it could be provacative so if your conservative please leave my blog.
       ok, so let me begin.  as i sit here i am having a coversation with my step brother via text.  We have never ever been able to get along since my mother was dateing my step father, until recently.  As i type i am having a sexual conversation about me and him hooking up.  ever since he had come home from his tech training as a an airborn army ranger i have been sexually attracted to him. So about a month ago i went back to go visit him on the east cost, almost not going because i really was not up for the travel my step father insisted to go to keep my mother company on the way home.  i had no clue about the feelings of my step brother has had towards me for the past couple of years so it became a shock to me.  After a few days in the hotel me and my family were staying in, my step brother and i half assed ****** on the bed while my little cousin was on the floor and my mom and step father was on the other bed across from us, as un-romantic as it was the pleasure and excitement i recieved that night was incredible, even though i never came.  The thought of having my 19 year old step brother whos manhood was well indowed made me so horney and wanting more of him.  We occationally send eachother pictures and movies of us being erotic but it is just not enough.  So now i am waiting for him to travel through my town on his way to visit our parents, which will be the begining of october.  i have to be with him because i know it's my last chance and opurtunity to be with him because i started a relationship with another man.  
            What i have done or am going to do, will it haunt me for the rest of my life?  i am not sure what will come of this but i have to do this because it is driving me crazy.  Well if you like what you read i have pleanty of twisted stories to tell if someone wants to read me...
trinity456 trinity456
22-25, F
Aug 8, 2010