I'm Half Corean

My obogee's Corean, my oma's French-Italian. I get asked about it on occasion from others but I don't really see it as being a big deal really (they act as if I have magical powers). "Yeah I can eat kimchee and drink like the French at the same time" ^_^ I really do identify with my Korean side in the sense that I'm very high strung, overly critical, overly opinionated, and a complete dramaking (and I like to have pity parties due to girl problems lol). The few times I watch kdrama I feel like I'm being molested by a carebear so I tend not to overwatch any of em.
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2 Responses May 14, 2012

I'm 100% Korean and i'm not like anything you described. And the way you spelled Korean is wrong. I think you watch way too many dramas and have turned into a drama king. Your drama king issues have nothing to do with you being Korean, or part Korean rather its just your personality. I'm actually a bit offended with your post.

"high strung, overly critical, overly opinionated, and a complete drama king" that is how you choose to describe being korean........