I Think About An Older Guy For Almost 1 Year Now

I am 23 he is 36, single, professor at the university. He is a very good person, helps everybody, very intelligent and now imagine all these thing one who really likes the other would say. But he is definitely special.

He has got a high function at the university, which I did not know at the beginning and also, he looks like he is max. 30 years old. Destiny brought us solving one issue together and while these few weeks, we were a lot in touch. He would answer my email in 15minutes, in the late evening, at weekend, few times a day. Talking only about academic issues. Would this mean something or is this just that he is so precise? It is true that he is always correct.

Once he got red in my presence, strange for his age, would say.

After we solved the issue and there was nothing to talk about, he sent me an email that it was a pleasure and that "hope we will see you again at the university?"

I am just a student, but not directly his student. When we meet we shake hands (we is a very formal type of person), but he does not do it with other students.

So also all the emails very always very formal, though once he asked me about where I am traveling for vacation. Yes, seems like not a big deal, but if you consider how formal he always is.

But my triuph argument in convincing myslef that he likes me is once when he had a small presentation and I was walking through that hall in a crowd with other students. He raised his hand, stopped talking to the audience for a second and said hi. I said hi and he continued, people looked at me in a strange way, it was hi just for me.

I know he is precise, always doing things correctly, formal, ambitious. He would never start anything with a student and I don't want him to. I'd just like to know if he likes me more than a "good student".

And now not the nice part of the story. As the summer came, we did not see each other for 3 months and then it happened that I needed a paper only he could give me. It required about 1h work but I got it in 3 months. I wrote him an email and suddenly, he was always busy (he IS always busy indeed) but now he would reply to me in 2 or 3 weeks saying, sorry, I have no time. As I needed the paper I came to his office and he would say the same, adding write me an email and not answer. There were 2 unanswered email and 2x sending me away, maximum I could stand, but he did it finally. We was really trying to get rid of me. But hey, I was never bothering him ;-) From then on, if we meet, there is something strange and unpleasant in the air. We both act like nothing, but I think he knows. I really hope this all is not just my imagination. It looks like we both started choosing different ways around the univirsity, because we never meet since a long time. I don't go to his department and he does not to mine.


I would really like to know why this change. I am adding that he is a very religious person. I don't know, maybe he met somebody? Or maybe I am imagining things that are not? I wish I could just not think about it, I thought it would be a question of time until I stop this, but I can't. almost 1 year! Over time, if somebody mentions his name, it hurts so much, or it makes me very happy just to hear of him, either of the two, the feelings are strong.

I have 5 more months to finish my degree there. I wish I meet him somewhere out of the university... I thought of going to thank him for all his help when I am finished with the studies and see how he reacts. But I am kind of proud, after sending me to hell (believe me, nobody is so busy not to answer an email if he wants to) I don't feel like doing it. I like him a lot.

Please if you have any thought, I am looking for a solution for a long time, would help a lot. Opinion would be great too.





Danakv Danakv
22-25, F
Mar 7, 2010