So Engorged

I am in my fifth month of breast feeding my son. If he goes for more than 3 hours without feeding my breasts get just engorged with breast milk that they ache badly. I have to get him to suckle on my breasts or I am forced to pump using the breast pump, my husband hasn't helped me yet when I get engorged.
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28 Responses Jul 19, 2010

I love lactation and breast milk !!! I would love to suckle you whenever you need and relieve your pressure !!!!

very hot

I would help you by sucking your breast as much as possible. ;-D

Can I drink se of your milk

Sounds quite beautiful

Hi, when my wife was lacerating, she would squirt her milk all over my **** and balls then lick it off and suck it till I created my own milk. It was super sexy!

Your husband doesn't know what he is missing.

I dream of helping, you in Colorado lol

poor you babe ! id volunteer to suckle you since hubby wont! he doesnt know what he is losing out on !

I volunteer to help you out!

I'd sure love to lend a hand,oops i mean mouth

i would be happy to help you

i really would love to help if i was there i would take turns n latch on as well as be inside u ...i am carpenterjim65 on yahoo plz

Mmm I loved and miss being able you have the extra...

he does not know what ie is missing. if i had the chance, i would be suckling you all night long

i think its great that your breast feading, and i would sucking one while your son was on the other one .

its such a shame that your husband is not interested.. I hope you find a suckling partner instead of having to use a pump

I hope you can convince him that suckling you is good for all... I could never get mine to do it when I was feeding my baby... now after years we are really into it... or at least I am :)

I'm so very sorry to hear that hubby doesn't seem interested. I only pump to gauge my production and always self suckle...wish I could help...PM me if you sweet...Danielle.

Hello : Just got back home I was at a bar with some friends and she said you have wet spots on your shirt, I said that my breast started to leak and hurt, they are very full now and hurt. They know me with my breast growing and OK with it. When I got home I put on my breast pumps and what a good feeling when they I start to milk myself. Still what a great felling to have milk for morning coffee. Having these large and heavy breasts for this man it is a WOW.<br />

If u need a suckling mate let me know would love to milk you!!!

Damn, i can`t believe he would pass up on the fun and not help out. To bad i didn`t live next door, cuz i would of enjoyed helping you out.

Does he know what he's missing?!? ;) you let me and I'll feed all day

I would love to help you with that nothing is better then mothers milk... Hubby dont know what he is missing

would love to suckle you any time you needed... Love that mothers milk

Would love to help you out. I go to Vegas often for work. Send me a message if you would be interested in getting together next time I'm there.

You deserve more than the pump. Pumps are not comfortable. Natural sucking is more exciting.

I would love to help you. Do you like to breast pump, or lactate? I love lactating women, and the sexiness of their breasts dripping with milk, wearing a nursing bra, etc. Email me at insp1_sla<x> and we can talk more. <br />