New Milk Maid

A few months ago my husband told me of his long-time desire to suckle my breasts and drink my milk. I had no idea how much closer it would bring us. I had no idea how pleasurable it would be for both of us, or how it would bring our level of intimacy to new heights.
I also enjoy the sense of fullness in my breasts, the tingling, the milk release, and I also feel very, very sexy and desirable.
Suckling (without producing milk) was extremely enjoyable several times a day and once or twice during the night as well.
It was also very sensuous, even in the night, when I would wake up just enough to turn on my side or back so he could suckle. Day or night, I touch his head, run my fingers through his hair, we make eye contact, kiss, touch, and sometimes have sex after he nurses.
Our sex life has never been better, and being eleven years younger than my husband had made him at times a little jealous but now he's more confident in our relationship. I give him everything of me, now including my milk to nourish his soul.
When my milk began to flow, it was the result of much (loving) effort and hundreds of cups of herbal teas. I love to hear him swallowing my milk and he loves the taste and the fact I am giving him something I give no one else.
Our marriage of eleven years has always been strong and good, but our ANR has made it better and stronger still. I can't say enough good things about Adult Nursing Relationships.
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1 Response Oct 26, 2010

how wonderful story, hope one day I can said the same, thanks for sharing your story.