I don't know if this story fits exactly in this group, though it probably does since I'm lactating.

Up until quite recently, I was an underweight girl (still am) and had C-Cup breasts.

However... after getting off my anti-depressants, spending a lot of time with my friend who works with babies every day (and they cry constantly) and what not, they started Lactating, and with said lactating, they've started increasing rapidly in size.

However, I think they're getting too big to be just lactating. But, having never experienced this before, I don't know what to think. I've already gone up four sizes in just a couple weeks.

I'm kind of freaked out. Can anyone explain this to me? :( My grandmother told me that she started lactating when she adopted my aunt who was an infant at the time. She had had her last biological child 9 years before. That's when I learned that girls and women can start lactating out of nowhere, if her body and mind detect a need. I don't really understand it exactly.

Any advice would be helpful. No I won't post any pictures, so don't ask. I just want advice.
NyanKitty NyanKitty
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What size are they now?