How It Happened For Me.

Though I've always had digestive problems like acid reflux and IBS, I never had a problem with lactose until only a few years ago. When I was pregnant with my son I used to drink around a gallon of whole milk a day, and that's no exagerration. Then...I had him, and within a month or two I couldn't drink it at all.

When I first noticed it was making my stomach upset, I pretty much ignored it, thinking it was one of those other above things. But it didn't go away, so eventually I decided to do a test for myself: I went out and bought the Lactaid. I tried it and didn't get the upset stomach or terrible stabbing pains, so it was a relief to me. I wanted to test it a bit further, though, so I went ahead and filled a glass up with Lactaid...then dumped in a packet of Carnation Instant Breakfast. I had about four good sized sips before the horrible cramping pains started right back up, so I dumped it out down the sink.

I didn't need to spend absurd amounts of money at an allergist's to find this out, just a little bit of obviously harmless testing on my own. I saved myself a hundred and something dollar bill at the doctor's office, and now I know what to avoid where lactose is concerned.

It makes me sad, though. I miss so many good things, especially cottage cheese and yogurt. :(
Trinea Trinea
Jul 13, 2010