Breyer's Now Makes Lactose-free Ice Cream!!!

It's just vanilla so far, but if we all buy it and buy it and buy it maybe they'll come out with CHOCOLATE.  Or NEAPOLITAN.  Or PEACH!!!  It tastes very good, the vanilla, and with a little chocolate syrup, yum yum yum.  I have to limit myself to one carton per week or the weight starts climbing again.

I've been missing ice cream for over 20 years; I found out I was lactose intolerant in about 1984.  Toffuti is my favorite soy "ice cream."

For those of you who are young women: I had my second child after I stopped using milk, and just took the suggested amount of calcium supplements, in pill form.  The baby turned out fine.  Had all his fingers and toes and other bones.  He's 21 now and reasonably healthy (but he eats too much junk food and not enough veggies.) 

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I just found out I was LI. I'm already a small person and I can't afford to lose anymore weight. I have seen the Breyer's Lactose Free icecream. We have the chocolate here. But I have read that sometimes its the milk protein or casesin in a lot of lactose free foods that bothers people. Have you heard of this? I tried the lactaid chewables before eating sweets but they don't seem to work. I use the Almond milk because even the Lactaid Free Milk has a milk protein and casesin in it. Let me know if you have heard anything about this. Thanks

Isn't that Breyer's awesome? It's great with chocolate sauce. I have noticed that it tends to be a little softer than other regular ice cream (or maybe it's just me). I keep hoping that they'll make more flavors too - chocolate, coffee, chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter, other fun flavors. Peach sounds really good too!<br />
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I've recently discovered Purely Decadent brand dairy-free ice cream. Talk about yum! You HAVE to try ti! They have some awesome flavors! Their Peanut Butter Zig Zag (think it's called that) is SOOOO good (chocolate peanut yummy!). The Chocolate Obsession, the Mint flavor, the Turtle Tracks, the Praline Pecan, the Cookie Avalanche (my least favorite so far but still good)...oh my God! It's really like eating REAL ice cream again! I was never such a HUGE ice cream person, but when you can't have it, it's like it's all that you want. You should DEFINITELY try the Purely Decadent brand if you can find it. SOOOOO good!

Thank you for the information in regard to being 'dairy free' and having a child ...