I am Latvian, have no idea about any relatives, no idea about customs andculture, I don't know anything about being latvian. I wish I did though!
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i did not know that i am 25% Latvian untill i was 40 years old, iam 49 now and still dont know a thing.<br />
so thanks for some of the info i just got here.<br />
i will keep cheching out this group for more info, and check out travel groups to.

What Bianch wrote is so true! My folks are from Latvija (we all have duel citizenship) and there is widespread corruption and unfortunately there are still a lot of Russians there that won't leave especially around Daugavpils. But Riga, Latvia, is considered the Paris of northern Europe. The city is over 800 years old.

The internet has many resources on that.