This Is Who I Am...

I am Lawrence Watson, the greatest actor in the world... Apart from that, I am a simple idealist who masquerades cynicism.

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Whenever you'd like... I should warn you though, as of right now, I'm sick.

Well, my world is rather easy. I've never had any trouble acting... If I had to do real work, I'd be in trouble. I admire so much people who are doctors and people who do work that makes a real difference.<br />
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As for that... Well, I'll trade with you for a bit. I sometimes feel like I have the life of a 41 year old.

Actually, I traditionally apply my own makeup if it's just a standup show. But when I did shows like Harvey, Odd Couple, and 1776, I had to wear heavy makeup, especially in Harvey to make me look much older. The base is rather awkward feeling at first because it is a cold liquid that is smearing over your face. When it dries, you don't notice it. I've had a much harder time with eye makeup made to hide the dark circles under my eyes, and the makup used in hair dyes. It clumps. Lip makeup is also rather difficult feeling.<br />
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As far as my skin, thank you very much, but I am young. I'm 21 years old, although I can appear much older.

Well, I was an extra in Zack and Miri Make A *****... In reality, I was just there that day, and you have to look hard for me, but I'm there.<br />
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I do lots of impersonations. My first was Bill Clinton.

Oh, my... Drama kings and queens... I'm past that. I've never really been a theater student. I was trained as a film actor.

This is cool, drcynic! If there was an EP Oscar, I would give it too you!<br />
You and about 100 other drama kings and queens here.<br />
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To the theater!

I've had people express that I'm "wasting away" as a comedian, because I'm the "greatest actor they've ever seen"... But I like doing comedy.<br />
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Because I'm not famous yet does not mean I'm not the greatest. I'm so good, I don't need the method to make my performances real. ;)

Sounds more like both than neither. ;)

That is perfect! Love that - choose to be what you want to be!! :)

Neither...<br />
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I'm the greatest because I choose to be.

So what makes you the Greatest Actor in the World, Mr. Watson? Hiding the idealism or fronting with cynicism?

I'm also pretty mediocre, lol.