Naked Naked Naked

I loove being naked in my bed. Most nights unless it's very cold I sleep naked. Where I live it's hot and humid, and sleeping with clothes just isn't very comfortable.

honeybunch honeybunch
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5 Responses Mar 15, 2009

I always sleep in the nude; actually, I am in the nude whenever and where ever possible and love it, especially if I am the only nude one amongst clothed people.

That sounds sweet, Indy Joe. I wish my bf would sleep in the nude.

I sleep nude year round.....Its more comfortable in the hot and humid summer, and it the winter we keep the house warm enough plus can always add an extra blanket if needed (sharing body heat with my wife, who also sleeps nude, helps alot too).

I'm on my bed nude as I type. It's so hot and humid here!!!

Sleeping nude is the ultimate!