I Can't Do Work

Hi my name is Luisa..
I don't know ... I just don't know.. I have a problem. I am here in my school trying to write my damn notes and I just don't feel like doing it!! My teacher told me to write these notes from the beginning of the semestre and , well, they're due today. My friends keep telling me that if I keep putting off my homework till the last minute.. I will be stressed and fail the course.. Frankly, I don't care.. why, because I'm a lazy *****!!! CARAJOO Why does life have to be so hard. why can't I just sit on my *** and do nothing!! I want to get paid to sit on my asss. and say **** all day!! Here's a good example. I could work for a phone company, as a customer service representative, right? And I could answer phones all day, listening to whiny people complain about their service.. until I've had enough. I just calmly say, "Well Ma'am. It seems you have a serious problem. And I would like to help you with this issue." "Oh thank you, What do I have to do/.." "It's simple.. Just take that phone and SHOVE IT UP YOUR *** you LAZY *****! CALL SOMEONE WHO GIVES A ****" (SLAM) and that's my work day
ChronicPink ChronicPink
May 17, 2012