I Am So Lazy

.. and that's keeping me away from achieving my goals.. i dont want to do any activity.. just want to be free all the time.. i am putting off my work.. and i know that how important it is for me to complete all my work.. i have become very lazy ... and i dont know how to change it... :((
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

I agree with Aidafina that you could be in Depression. If checked out, you may get a medicine to help lift your feelings.
You could also look for a Disciplinarian who will take the time to check on you.

I had to do this with a couple of different Co-ed who were pretty much failing but they got turned around.

It is hard because even with meds, one gets into this habit. For some, one needs to break this habit.

Sometimes it's not just laziness. Sometimes it's something deeper like depression. Have it checked out. I'm going through the same thing and I'm right in the middle of my exams so good luck to me passing. I'm not even putting in much effort, I just don't feel like it so, hello flunking. I also don't know what to do but I know I need help. I read an article lately that said if you begin to value yourself and your time you will not procrastinate so I'm flirting with the idea of working on my self worth - if I can find the energy. Good luck to you, I hope you come right.

thank you for commenting here. Good luck for your exam. I also have a big exam next week but I have not even read a single word. Today, I tried to read something but i couldn't and felt so sleepy. I know what it is.. you are right it's depression because I am putting off my work for no reason just because my mind is not able to concentrate on things... i hope i will be active once again to correct wrong things in my life...