Can't Seem To Break This Cycle.

I don't know where I'm headed. I'm no good at following a routine. Classes are growing tougher by the minute. I have **** loads of back log. I have six tests to clear this month and here I am being irresponsible, lazy and so utterly demotivated. It's like my will power has diminished along with my sensibility. All I feel like doing is sit down and do nothing. Or sleep. I sleep a lot these days. i'm not physically active. I want to resume swimming again but I'm always finding excuses and it's been six months already. I'm not a bad student, but what good is ANYTHING when I lack the stamina to put some efforts? I hate this. I'm scared. I need help. I want to cry. What if I get kicked out of college? What will my life become? I don't want..:(
lifeofmine lifeofmine
18-21, F
Jan 20, 2013