I am a lazy girl..Last time I had an job interview ..The interviewer said"why you are nearly 24,but still never had a formal job experience?"...I felt so embarrassed ...The **** woman is so mean..But it makes me thinking of my own life!!I do not know!...
1..Usually I am lazy in the morning and even the clock was ringing ,I would automatically power it off!!!:S
And recently I even did not know when my dad get up and when they were eating breakfast..Just I seemed slept like a pig!!!
2...I just seem not ready for a job..Because I know it will be so pressure and I am not good at dealing with people ..I admire people who have jobs ,like the job is stable and honorable..But looks like it never be me..I am a girl who is very caution for anything ..Even an exam ,I would be very nervous and I will think some small incidents would cause my exam fail..:/
3..I think I have not anything done successful..I am still using parents money..Some my classmates who had a lot of job experiences..I know they paid efforts ..But I am not that kind of girl..
So i wanna to say ..I do not know what kind of job I wanna do..I am the person who is target in community ,because they always wanna give me a job ,but I usually reject..:S....I think I am silly..I only study ..And I can't cope with study and work together..But I hope I can do them together..Idk..I have no goals..>_<
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We are similar in that regard


You can't be lazy as me

I can sleep until 4pm...

I don't wake up and pee I go back to sleep

Then you will per on bed..:S

Hahaha. ... I don't I wait

Oh..this is better

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