Hard To Do Much

I know im lazy, i just wish it was productive lazieness.  you know, instead of sitting here on the comp all day playing games or posting stories, i could be writing a book, or doing something that earned me money. that would be optimal. well i guess lazy and procrastination go hand in hand, i am heading over to post a story over there... i have left it til last .. lol

Dragon8370 Dragon8370
36-40, M
2 Responses Nov 7, 2009

thank you for having faith in me to find one. I will post it when/if i get out of this rut. i wish my life could be shaken up in a good way so i didnt feel so down. that could be part of it too .. depression has a way of making it hard to get going.

when you find a solutation please share it, im the same way, our not alone.