How I Became a Member

Hello there. I have been a member of the church for almost 10 years. This august it will be 10 years. I became a member when I was 12 years old. My mom and dad were baptized members when they were 8 but had fallen away. But one thing is that each time we would move they would take us to church the first sunday we were in the new house. Being  in the Miltary this was once about every two years. Well when I was 11 we moved to this house in Silverdale and we went to church. Well be being a loner girl in school I went to this church and there were people my age that would come up to me and sit with me in classes. This made me ask my parents to go back the next week and the week after that. Me even at the age of 11 was really into learning things. So the more I went the more Missionaries came to talk to me and my family and I was a girl who had to question eveyrthing and so it took until 2 weeks after my 12th birthday for me to get bapitized. Once that happened my parents contunied to go with me until about 6 months after that. Than they stoped going and for about 6 months I did too. But than I started having problems with school and I was getting into the wrong sort of things so than I went with friends to church and have been going ever since
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so you confortable in this church and you have friends that your testimony?