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I recently joined the church. I was baptized two months ago, and I am so thankful I made this decision. I am blessed to be married to a man who is LDS, who had the faith and the dedication to help me understand the gospel over the course of two years. I spent a long time praying for faith in the church, and it wasnt until I witnessed my husband receiving a blessing that I realized I didnt need to pray for the faith, I already had it. It was then I realized I believed in the power of the priesthood, the power of the prophets, and the power of the BoM. Next sunday I will be receiving my patriarchal blessing, and I am looking forward to being sealed in the temple. May the Spirit be with all of you!
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congrats!!! getting your blessing is amazing, i am a convert too and when i got my blessing i could barely contain my joy and excitement. it is wonderful!

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...just asking... ;)

I welcome you too! I pray you will continually feel the love of the Lord as you seek his guidance and draw near to Him daily. I admire those who are converts because I know they never take the gospel for granted!

Welcome into the church. It will not anways be easy but your life will be better if you are faithful.