Makeup And Me

I"m one of those women that never understood makeup. I'd avoid it. I wouldn't bother with it. I was under the assumption that natural beauty was enough.

Until this past year. Something inside me stirred and I wanted to learn. A few months back I wrote a blog post about how I do not wear makeup, but it was honestly because I didn't know how to use it or put it on.

I was given a lot of great advice on this, and through this, I have begun to play around with makeup.

My first love: Eyeliner! I love those little pencils, and they really do help to bring out the eyes.

Second: Last weekend I was introduced to Sephora. BTW: another love hate relationship I have with makeup was how much it cost so I decided not to wear it to save money. However, as I browsed throughout Sephora I realized I enjoyed just browsing and looking through stuff and omg there's just so much out there!

Third: I bought a huge case of Sephora's eyeshadow, and each day this week I've been playing with colors. I've really been having fun with.

And I've gotten into a morning routine of moisturizing my face then applying the makeup... and I'm loving it.
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