i miss Francais so much..

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Salam alikom ! ( hi )
labass alik ? ( how are you )
my name is Khalid , an english university student , from Morocco an example : Morocco concedered one of the best countries to visit , Every year lot of people comes to visit the beautiful places , discover the culture of Morocco and much more .... all this Becomes so Amazing if you can understand the language , language is the key to communicate with the people or can say to communicat with the arabic world , language is the key to tell someone where is the shop , bus station , how much something cost , it is the one who gives you the confidance to ask any quetions ......

in the beginning some people said to me that arabic is dificult but after they discovered that it is eazy to Learn , just you need someone to communicate with and teach you Clearly . if anybody is intersted , iam a university student i give courses in Arabic language , you can communicate with me in this email :
====> <===== ma3a salama :) (bye bye ).