I Really Need Someone To Help Me Practice My Spoken English.

I'm Chinese and My English is not so good, and I wanna have a friend who can has conversation with me and helps me improve my spoken English. I am 20 years old boy and can speak Mandarin and Cantonese. I really wanna have a friend who is patient and would love to help me. We can contact by the Skype.
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5 Responses Apr 15, 2012

just keep on practicing it,, you can do that... like you i'm not also good at speaking in English.. my grammar was no that good yet but i'm trying harder to know it...

ya thanx dear

I am also in the same situation so can we become friend?

I'd like to help(: and also be your friend. I'm only 15 though(:

i also want to learn can you help me?

Can we practice speaking naked on Skype?

I want to practice with you and I have a Skype Id.

hi, if you wish i can assist you. It's nice having friends who lives in far away places. heres my skype, add me up: jom.ordiz

I also want to learn and I have a Skype Id