If you are native speaker or just know english as good as native speaker,can you please read my essay and write or opinion. Please, assess it not in terms of my thoughts but in terms of my language skills,especially grammar. In addition,I am not native speaker. Every year several languages die out.Some people think that this is not important because life will be easier if there are fewer languages in the world. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? It has been known that languages and especially some of them die out and this is due to extinction of users and lack of communication in those certain languages.Some people regard this as a positive fact,as life will be better with one common language for everyone .I,however,thing that this is mainly negative phenomenon because result in extinction of cultures also. As I have mentioned there are many negative feedbacks. First of all,humans never can learn other languages as perfect as their own and as a consequence they will not be able speak in any language at all.Therefore, literacy level will decline.Second reason is that knowing various languages usually provide us with more knowledge and this is due to fact that bilingual people usually have more access to information. In adittion,bilingualism also affect our Intelligence. In fact,those who know more that one language tend to score higher in IQ test than average person. However, to a certain extent I agree there are some positive outcomes. First of all as world have gone into globalisation,having one common language will increase our possibility to speak with one another Although we have already known foreign languages regardless of whether our own native language has died out or not,in that situation we would not have any other chances and consequently have to go and learn any new one. In conclusion,I would probably say that despite the fact that extinction of some languages may really help us to communicate with one another,it would also has a dangerous impact on certain cultures as language maintain nation and provide culture with life.
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Hmmm.. you are looking for opinions or suggestions just in terms of writing skills, yes? Please confirm.

So what do you want to know? that you have made any grammatical errors or not? or whether you are asking the opinion about the essay as in the topic?

About writing skills.I have to pass IELTS after 10 days.If you see any gramar mistakes,please tell me.

I want to know about my English writing skills which include also gramar accuracy

yes there are grammar mistakes, though its not making it tuff to be read but still there are a few :)

Thank you. I will be very grateful if you indicate them,if it is not hard for you.Just write the word and I will check them

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