Pretty Easy Going So Far

Japanese was much harder to learn than this, mostly because the characters of Esperanto bear much resemblance to my native tongue of English.  After a few days I can already say any number in Esperanto, and know a lot of basic words and phrases.  It's such a clever language, I'm finding myself very entertained in learning to speak it!

Why am I learning a language that has so few speakers?  Well, for one, millions of speakers isn't exactly "a few".  But the easiest answer is; because I believe that the key to the salvation of humanity is in connectedness.  There are so many ways humans have allowed themselves to become fragmented, both within themselves and from the rest of the world.  We see ourselves as separate individuals, islands unto ourselves; independent.  That is a farce, of course, created by those in power to keep us under control.  Even those so-called rich people who think they're so free live in ever more elaborate prisons for their hearts and minds.  Confused language is only one way we are kept apart, and I believe Esperanto, or a language like it, is a viable solution.  If we all learned Esperanto as a second language, we would all be able to easily communicate.

Why not just use English for the universal language?  Because, for one, by nature English is a racist language; the language of the British Imperialists who still hold so much ill sway over the planet.  Even in it's original form it was made overly complicated so that others would find it extremely difficult to learn.  Today things are so complicated it's no wonder people have such a hard time mastering it.  In contrast, Esperanto was created specifically to be extremely easy to learn, and since it borrows aspects from nearly all the most commonly spoken languages on Earth, it is also fairly racially neutral.

But the biggest reason I love the idea of Esperanto is that it hails from no nation, it is nationally neutral.  Esperanto hammers another nail into the coffin of rampant nationalism, and as such, I whole-heartedly support it.
NeonBlueMidnight NeonBlueMidnight
26-30, M
Jul 24, 2010