taking french soon!! hope I pass! *laughing face*
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bonne chance!

Depending on your teacher, French can be really easy or a pain in the ***. Hopefully the former

everyone keeps telling me it's gonna be much harder than Spanish (which everybody else is taking)

They're actually really similar. I don't know how most French teachers go about things but mine is really good at what she does and from what I can tell, most teachers don't really teach the langue as much as the grammar for it

Every word that ends with ion, it's the same as English, so you've just learnt hundred French words ex. Construction,exclamation, caption, it's all the same

I didn't know that. Thanks :)

Ha no problem, only thing is French grammar is hard :( but good luck !

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Tu peut parler francais ? :p

hopefully going to be able to. I typed this in google translator btw so yeah😂