Gettin' The Hang Of It

I've been learning German for a little over two years now. I started with some conversational lessons I found for free on the internet and eventually ended up buying the Rosetta Stone software (good stuff but too pricey). If I could change one thing about the language it would be the arbitrary gender assignment (die, der, das).

I love the language, but I also think Mark Twain had a point with his "The Awful German Language". Give it a read - it'll make ya' laugh.
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2 Responses Jul 18, 2010

i love german- i recently took two semesters of it at my city college. i don't mind the der / die / das issue so much as the cases. gah! the dative case in particular was so frustrating to me that i wound up not registering for a third semester. were you able to wrap your head around this particularly charming component of deutsche?

I took German for three years in high school. Teacher was good a teaching, but he was pretty stern and could make you feel like an idiot for not understanding something, If you were on his good side though he was really nice to talk to. Anyways, good luck with your German lessons :) Auf Wiedersehen!