Daughters Training, My Learning

My twin daughters who have just turned 18 and are really bratty and naughty, also got interested in submissive lifestyle.

I don't like to use physical punishment, till it is the only option left. I asked Tiger to discipline them but he told me he is only interested in me, he can punish them with belt but he can't discipline them and he loves me and only me so he can't carve submissive females inside my daughters. So one my friend told me to hire the help of dominatrix to discipline my girls.

Marya, my best friend is also a submissive wife, its really amazing and admiring how she instantly switches between a submissive wife and a hardcore dominatrix. She has caned me one time and it was really painful and humiliating. So I asked her to discipline my daughters.

Marya has been caned stark naked by her husband infront of us all and infront of my daughters whom she is been training, being submissive. Marya was cropped on her bare genitals, she was so humiliated and degraded infront of them and the next minute when she is been dominating my daughters she makes it look like that nothing has happen at all, there is not even a trace of even single expression of shame.

Marya has made some rules that whenever my daughters do anything that would cause her to punish them with cane, she will cost me 3 cane for every 20 cane they both receive, that means I am going to get 6 canes infront of daughters as my punishment for not able to punish them. 

It will be like this for a month and if she see no change in me then she will let my daughters to give me OTK spanking on my bare butt, every time they receive cane from her. Process will be simple and humiliating, as I have to hike up my skirts and pull my panties down all the way to my ankles and my daughters will spank me on my bare butt putting me on their laps like a 5 year old. This will go on for 2 months.

Next if she still don't see any change or progress in my behavior of punishing my daughters. She will allow them to slap me on my face. 10 slaps on each cheeks and I have to receive them stark naked and kneeling infront of my daughters. 

Marya told me that it is reverse technique as my humiliation and degradation will inspire my to react strict with my daughter and it will also help me carving a better submissive woman provided it will help me overcome all the feeling that are preventing me using physical punishment for my daughters. I would surely never like my daughters to spank me or slap me, it will be really degrading. 
galedale galedale
31-35, F
Dec 8, 2012