My Mom And Dad Are Both Amazing Cooks...

...but I apparently didn't inherit that gene. I make cereal. If I'm feeling really brave I'll attempt a salad. My excuse is, "I'm a college student and I live in a dorm room!" But I'm not sure where that excuse was the 18 years of my life before I went to school.

This summer, though, I'm going to change that. My dad is getting his kitchen redone and I'm living with him over the summer. As soon as it's done (next week!) I'm going to start making dinner for him most nights of the week. Extra challenge: he eats gluten free, so I'm going to make him baked goods because I'm a glutton for punishment.

YAY for learning to cook!!
PenguinPie PenguinPie
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1 Response Jun 30, 2011

I definitely need someone in the house who loves to cook and would welcome me to join, not tell me to get out of the kitchen. -.-