Burnt Chicken

So my boyfriend is this amazing cook and THANK GOD bc apparently I'm not.  I just don't do it that often.  Cooking to me = defrost/microwave.  I really enjoy cooking but it doesn't just come naturally since I'm so out of practice. 

The other day my only job was to "watch" the amazing lemon pepper chicken meal that my man had cooking for me while he ran an errand.  I didn't know that meant I had to move it or flip it.  It seems like only a few minutes passed before I checked on it and it was charcoaled on one side!  I flipped it over and turned the heat down some and checked on it in even less time than before and it was burnt on the other side~! 

Esperanza Esperanza
18-21, F
3 Responses Jun 4, 2007

The story of my life, heh... :P

i can cook,iam brilliant

Lucky you that your boyfriend can teach you how to cook! :P I wish I could cook, but I suck... erh... at cooking, I mean... tjiyupp