The quote I heard somewhere 'you can feel lonely in a room full of people' sums it up for me. No matter how many people are with you to offer support if they don't understand you then often they would be better not being there.

I've had a lot of those situations recently when I've been working through my emotions following the death of my father . Sometimes I've been elated, sometimes I've been tearful, sometimes I've been angry and sometimes all three within a very short space of time. Trying to work through those emotions has been hard enough for me but trying to explain my behaviour at times has been even more exhausting.

What I need to do when no one appears to understand is to be on my own for a while. I'm not good with silence so I find some music that I enjoy listening to and that usually works for me. Alanis Morrisette's 'Jagged Little Pill' did it for me today.

Right now I'm listening to the same singer but singing 'Thank You' as I want to publicly thank everyone for their support especially my partner who continues to be my rock even though he doesn't believe me at times.

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You know, Catya, that I get it. I spent Saturday night with a group of over 40 close friends and I'd be looking over the crowd at all of my 'coupled' friends and it hurts- but it also gives me hope. <br />
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Forty close friends? That's that the sort of thing that happens when you ride with a group of motorcycle enthusiasts. It has been my salvation through all of this. That, and caring people like you- the folks I've never met but have touched my heart.

Thanks for commenting on my story. I like large dogs but my partner and I are not at home enough to give a dog the love and attention it deserves not to mention exercise. I'm not keen on owning a small pet though I do like other peoples pets small and large.

You know, a pet would greatly relieve some of that loneliness.