Watashi Wa Nihongo O Benkyou Shimasu!

I started learning Japanese in college, took 2 semesters of it which was all that was offered. Now I do Rosetta Stone and I love it. Japanese to me is an easy language to learn and very fun. Very different than when I took French in high school. I can fluently read and write Hirigana and am still mastering Katakana. I embrace learning this language and hope to visit Japan someday. I need to start watching more anime in Japanese. I have a bunch I just never take the time to do it, but I know this is a great way to pick up on a lot of things.
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Im also learning Japanese. Its a fun language isn’t it. If you are studying alone i suggest meeting Japanese native speakers. If you have Skype i would recommend lang-8.com.

Yea, I've wanted to meet a native speaker, I did find a website once for meeting Japanese penpals. I will definitely check that site out, arigato!

Thanks!! Will try to connect to any of the native