No Chance To Test It

Learning Latin, for quite some time now, has seemed to be a pointless endeavor.  Its not helping my English vocabulary as much as I wanted it to, nor has it helped me in my other classes, as I expected it to.  I struggled with the class more than any other first semester, and it seemed so futile - I would never be able to meet actual Latin-speakers and test whether or not I have been learning successfully.

That's when I started watching an episode of Fringe.  At the beginning of the episode, a few characters were speaking a language I couldn't recognize.  I could identify that it wasn't French or Spanish, but that it was Latin-based.  I thought to myself, "Actually, it sounds like it could be Latin, but that would be ridiculous."  The episode continued, until when it was almost through, the characters speaking the odd language returned.  And this time the language was identified - it was actually Latin!  Excited, I rewound the episode and found everywhere the Latin had been spoken.  To my surprise, I actually could follow most of what they said!  Seeing that episode, and actually hearing Latin outside the classroom setting, has been like a gift, that reignited my willingness to learn the language!  I am now getting better grades in that class than I ever have before, and retaining more of the information I learn.  It's as if hearing it in action flipped a switch for me, and turned on the language center of my brain again.  I never thought I could be so inspired by a minute and a half of a fictional television show.

secret14 secret14
Feb 28, 2010