Church Of Lies

Since the first day I can remember I was told about the Heavenly Father, his son, the many prophets that came to teach us. Now that I am truly learning and discovering the truth I see the lies more clearly with each passing day.

Control through fear. Baptism. This is drilled into the mind from the very start and held against those already in the church. Obey or be "removed". That the church is built on lies does not matter to them, they only wish to maintain the control they have obtained over their members.

Book of Abraham. Fabrcation. One of the most important relics, one that has been shown to be false and misused. Just another lie held by an organization that cares nothing about truth, only money and membership.

Blacks are equals. Not according to the Heavenly Father. This is amongst the biggest lie and one that is avoided by most. Blacks, or more to the point people of dark skinned, are clearly said to be meant to be nothing more than servants even should they reach the Celestial Temple. The Mormon / LDS Church had to even change the Book of Mormons to appease the public, yet the belief is still there. If you are black and a Momron, you are now and will continue to be throughout eternity a slave / servant.

Families are sacred. Only if all of the members are members of the church. I read more and more each day about how church members and missionaries are sabotaging families in order to gain a single member. This is what the church is all about, luring new members at any cost.

The list of lies goes on for MILES and touches every aspect of the church. Even the president himself lies to protect the BILLIONS of dollars the members send his way on a yearly basis.

There are many good people within, but the truth is that they follow lies at the cost of their own soul. It is time for the rest of us to bring the truth to light and force the church to admit to the lies they have been spreading like a poison through the USA.
ScottShaw ScottShaw
31-35, M
May 21, 2012