I Have Taken Many Persian Courses.

I have a degree in Middle Eastern Studies, and I took a few years of university courses in Persian.  Persian is a fun language, and I have had a lot of fun experiences that resulted from studying the language.  I have taken Arabic courses, too, but my Persian is far stronger than my Arabic.
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Persian poems are Great!!!!!! greatest ever... ever ...ever...

Saadi (a Persian Poet) is My love.

Pirouz bashi ;)

Well done to you. It must be hard though. Though our language is not the hardest of all languages. Omidvaram movafagh bashi.

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That's awesome!
!من امیدوارم که شما در تلاش خود را برای دانش موفق باشید


congratulations Persian language is a pure and strong language or in another way:<br />
زبان فارسی زبانی بسیار زیبا خالص و قوی است

So you are apart of the persian uprising in the battle of Thymbra.<br />
<br />
Where city of Sardis was taken by the monster Cyrus. The persians were not far off from the greeks in the early times. What a wonderful era that must have been<br />
<br />
Dying for love, having such strong beliefs.

Cyrus wrote, enforced, and personally followed the first human rights charter in history. His palace was the first built without slave labor, and the society around it had gender, religious, ethnic, and economic equality.

But I'm interested why you think he's a monster. Care to give me some sources that paint him in a negative light?